Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Revisiting The Bridge

Ok, maybe my last entry was a bit harsh. If these guys have so much trouble getting over their last relationship it shows they had the capacity to unconditionally love someone and that is certainly commendable. That kind of love is what Shakespeare wrote poems about. Lots and lot of poems. So in the hopes of redeeming myself I want to explore this idea further.

After more consideration I realized the point my snarky diatribe was trying to make was that men having trouble moving on doesn’t bother me as much as their dependence on that status as a way to maintain distance. Sometimes it’s valid; the guy really has been burned and he really doesn’t know how strong his feelings for you are. Often though it seems like a handy excuse, one of many to keep them from being exclusive. I have since been told that women use this excuse as well which was news to me; my bad for only singling the guys out. The upside is I apparently hang around very emotionally mature women.

It just seems like everyone I meet is either in a relationship or getting over one. It’s as if they remain brokenhearted and downtrodden until they meet some extraordinary god or goddess. Why don’t we revel in our single status more? We should appreciate and enjoy that phase between the post-mortem and our new significant other; it’s the time we figure out what we learned from it all and how it helped us grow as a person.

So I apologize for judging too quickly. It’s ok to be brokenhearted and downtrodden, just don’t let that justify any bad behavior on your part.

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