Friday, August 28, 2009

Imogen Heap's New Album

After years of preparation and hype Imogen Heap's new album, Ellipse, has finally debuted. I am happy to say I was not at all disappointed. It was worth the wait. She is one of the most talented musicians working today and this album clearly shows why. I was especially pleased that she included an instrumental version of each song on the deluxe album.

One track I find particularly fascinating is "Bad Body Double." It is playful, thought-provoking and distressing; a combination that only Imogen could pull off (reminds me of "Goodnight and Go..." an adorable song about unrequited love but at the same time very creepy when you consider the stalking element of it). "Bad Body Double" is a statement about standards of beauty for women. I am still trying to figure out exactly what her stance on it is, but one thing is made clear; every woman has two versions of herself to some varying degree. One version cares tremendously about whether she looks good, the other doesn't. Reconciling the two can be pretty tricky.

Here's a preview:

She's trouble, alright.

Sometimes I manage to lose her
Shake her at a bar, in the gym for five minutes
It feels so good to be back to my own self again
Can get quite confusing.

We look very similar except she's got some grays
and a little extra weight on the sides
And dimply thighs,
I hear that stuff's a bitch to get rid off

No, no, no, no
We're having quite an intimate, personal moment (not now)
Could you maybe come at a slightly less awful time? (not now)
She can see I've got someone quite nice here with me
Can't we just be left alone...
I guess that's a no then
Seeing as you're still here

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